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Last Updated: 9th February 2019

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rlogin is a software utility for Unix-like computer operating systems that was first distributed as part of the 4.2BSD release. rlogin allows users to log in on another host via a network, using TCP port


rlogin - Wikipedia


Berkeley Remote Login (rlogin) (Page 1 of 2) The “head” of the Berkeley remote protocol family is the remote login command, rlogin. As the name clearly implies, the purpose of this program is to allow


The TCP/IP Guide - Berkeley Remote Login (rlogin)


Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia RLOGIN Protocol Overview ... Up: Functions Up: Remote Login. Prev: Remote Login Next: TELNET Protocol Overview ...


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The rlogin protocol requires the use of the TCP. The contact port is 513. An eight-bit transparent stream is assumed. Connection Establishment Upon connection ...

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A secure version of rlogin (slogin) was combined with two other UNIX utility, ssh and scp, in the Secure Shell suite, an interface and protocol created to replace ...

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Sep 22, 2008 - protocol. CSCE515 – Computer Network Programming. 9/22/2008. TELNET and RLOGIN. ? Both are used to remote login across network.

RLOGIN, TELNET, FTP Protocol - cse.sc.edu - University of South ...


Apr 12, 2008 - History. Rlogin was originally a BSD application / protocol. ... TCP as its transport protocol. The well known TCP port for Rlogin traffic is 513.

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RLOGIN. Remote LOGIN - allows UNIX users of one machine to connect to other UNIX systems ... This protocol offers essentially the same services as TELNET.

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