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Last Updated: 9th February 2019

Examples of using the rlogin command


Examples of using the rlogin command. To login to the remote system iona using the same username: rlogin iona Password: This logs the user in to their account on the remote system named iona.


UNIX – Lesson 020 – telnet and rlogin commands | Tips & Tricks ...


Feb 9, 2010 - rlogin. The “rlogin” command is similar to telnet. The rlogin starts a terminal session on a remote host. Syntax : rlogin hostname. Example :


HowTo - rsh, rlogin, rexec - Red Hat People


the client hostname must be full hostname, an example: foo.bar.com zakkr. 7) Check your /etc/pam.d/rsh (or rlogin, ...) - for example module "pam_nologin.so" ...


Configuring .rhosts - Unix support - University of Cambridge


Aug 20, 2009 - Unix provides a command called rlogin for easy login to remote machines. Here is a simple example of its use: gryphon$ rlogin hammer.thor ...

Logging In to a Remote System (rlogin) - Oracle Solaris Administration ...


The rlogin command enables you to log in to a remote system. After you are logged in, ... In this example, SOLAR is the name of the remote domain: rlogin pluto.

How to Copy Files Between a Local and a Remote System (rcp ...


In this example, rcp is used to copy the file letter.doc from the /home/jones ... Example 29–9 Using rlogin and rcp to Copy a Remote File to a Local System.

rlogin - Kerberos V5 UNIX User's Guide


The Kerberos V5 rlogin command works exactly like the standard UNIX rlogin ... For example, if david wanted to use the standard UNIX rlogin to connect to the ...

What is rlogin (remote login)? - Definition from WhatIs.com


Rlogin (remote login) is a UNIX command that allows an authorized user to login to other UNIX machines (hosts) on a network and to interact as if the us...

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