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Last Updated: 9th February 2019

Linux rlogin command help and examples - Computer Hope


Apr 26, 2017 - Description. rlogin starts a terminal session on the remote host host. A line of the form "<escape char>." disconnects from the remote host. All echoing takes place at the


Linux rlogin command help and examples - Computer Hope


Logging In Remotely ( rlogin ) The rlogin command enables you to log in to other UNIX machines on your network. To remotely log in to another machine, type the following command. In the previous example


Logging In Remotely (rlogin)


Rlogin connects your terminal on the current local host system lhost to the remote host system rhost. The version built to use Kerberos authentication is very ...


rlogin - LinuxCommand.org


Description. The /usr/bin/rlogin command logs into a specified remote host and connects your local terminal to the remote host. The remote terminal type is the ...

rlogin Command - IBM


Examples of using the rlogin command. To login to the remote system iona using the same username: rlogin iona Password: This logs the user in to their ...

Examples of using the rlogin command


Feb 9, 2010 - telnet Telnet is a protocol for emulating a remote terminal, which means that it can be used to run commands entered on a keyboard at a remote ...

UNIX – Lesson 020 – telnet and rlogin commands | Tips & Tricks ...


The rlogin command allows remote login access to another host in the local network. rlogin passes information about the local environment, including the value ...

8.3.3 Remote commands


rlogin is a software utility for Unix-like computer operating systems that was first distributed as ... rlogin communicates with a daemon, rlogind, on the remote host. rlogin is similar to the Telnet command

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