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Last Updated: 9th February 2019

rlogin - Wikipedia


rlogin. rlogin is a software utility for Unix-like computer operating systems that was first distributed as part of the 4.2BSD release. rlogin allows users to log in on another host via a network, using


rlogin - Wikipedia


Rlogin works over TCP port 513. RSH Remote Shell allows you to send single commands to the remote server. Whereas rlogin is designed to be used interactively, RSH can be easily integrated into a script


Rlogin, RSH, and RCP - Networking Tutorial - SourceDaddy


Aug 1, 2011 - rsh and rlogin are two utilities for establishing and executing commands on remote host. It is insecure and doesn't encrypt the data it transfers.


!!! UNIX !!!: rsh and rlogin port secrets - blogger


12 records - SG Ports Services and Protocols - Port 513 tcp/udp information, official ... to disable access to (1) SNMP or (2) the rlogin port TCP 513, which allows ...

Port 513 (tcp/udp) :: SpeedGuide


Jul 20, 2012 - One of the services that you can discover in Unix environments is the rlogin.This service runs on port 513 and it allows users to login to the host ...

rlogin Service Exploitation | Penetration Testing Lab


Apr 12, 2008 - Rlogin provides a remote-echoed, locally flow-controlled virtual terminal. It is widely used ... The well known TCP port for Rlogin traffic is 513.

RLogin - The Wireshark Wiki


Jul 4, 2005 - Solved: I want to access a server that is behind firewall. Which ports should be opened for remsh and rlogin services?

Solved: Ports for remsh and rlogin - Hewlett Packard Enterprise ...


Don't forget check if "rsh" (or "rlogin", ...) is there. ... 7) Check your /etc/pam.d/rsh (or rlogin, ...) ... If all ports are used there is no space for a new connection.

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