Privacy Policy

Nowadays people may be worried about using of their private data by rusinfo. But by reading following article they will understand that the privacy is the highest value to rusinfo, and they also will understand what information rusinfo gather from people, and how this data is used.

rusinfo gathers data that doesn’t open any information about people’s private lives. rusinfo may collect the data about kind of your Internet browser and your operating system

rusinfo uses the private data in different way. Mostly this information is used for interior goals, such as offering, achieving, and modernizing services. In order to defend the delivering information rusinfo uses commonly recognized industry quality.

If people are concerned about such information as credit card data, which is gathered by HVAC than they can calm down because it is codified and sent to rusinfo in a reliable way. And this can be checked easily. Furthermore, sensitive information is protected offline. Privately recognized data is given only to workers who need the data to do a special job. Moreover, third parties won’t get the information. rusinfo will reveal private data when there is the necessity to identify persons who may be abuse the law or to cooperate with the investigations of purported unlawful activities.

rusinfo uses “cookies” on the website because they help it to develop personal entrance to it website and recognize repeated comers to its site. Moreover, if rusinfo want to attract more interests of its consumers, cookies are also the best helpers.

rusinfo also uses links to other sites on this website. rusinfo isn’t chargeable for the contents or privacy practices of such other websites. Eventually, people are exclusively in charge of achieving the protection of their private data. When they are online, they should be careful and responsible.