We Simplify the Home Loan Process for You

A home is one of three basic necessities that a man has. Everyone lives in some kind of a home but aspires for the next level. The growth in real estate and the introduction of new features make people want to buy a home that meets the latest trends. But property is expensive and for most people owning a place of their own seems like a distant dream. Thankfully, home loan providers like Shri Raam Finance, help prospective buyers by financing their dream house.
The first step in buying a house is identification of property. Depending on the builder, the same kind of house will be available at different prices. Once you have identified the property, bring the basic papers to us and we will guide you towards further paperwork. We have tied up with all prominent builders in Delhi-NCR,which makes the process easier for the buyer.

The loan that you can get depends upon your capacity to pay back and your current income. You would be asked to provide bank statements, salary slips, evidence of other property etc. Once we are fully satisfied with your financial standing, the loan is sanctioned to you. It is best to take a loan from a local source. This means, if the property is in NCR, take the home Loan in Delhi NCR.
At Shri Raam Finance, we believe in doing what’s in the best benefit of our customers. Thus, our loan officers introduce you to easy repayment options. We suggest you with a repayment plan that’s best suited for your loan type, making sure you’re always at an advantage.
We offer a host of home loan plans in Delhi-NCR, making it easier for you to finance your dream home. For details on our home financing models, please refer to the table below.