Web Banking

Banking When You Want It!

With Web Banking, your Harleysville National Bank and Trust Company office is as close as your personal computer. To help you save even more time and money, use the Bill Payment feature and let us buy the stamps!

Easy Account Access
Get online and use the Web to:
Check the balances and activity of your registered accounts
Print a listing of your current transactions
Place a stop payment order
Transfer funds
View your paid check images online
Pre-schedule your loan payments
Download your transaction activity to a variety of software packages including Quicken® or Microsoft Money®
Order checks

All this information is available to you at no charge! You'll be accessing the Web Banking program from the comfort of your home or office using your own computer.

For your assistance, there are help pages available for your use within the Web Banking site. These pages will help assist you in navigating through the Web Banking site and will also help you learn how to use this powerful system to its fullest.

Registration is Easy

Call us or stop by any branch location and we'll have you registered in no time, or you can even apply online. Begin to access your accounts online the next business day after you register!

Data Security

We know the security of Web Banking is important to you. Your account numbers are never displayed on the Web; instead, when you register for Web Banking, we will ask which accounts you wish to access online and you will be able to assign these accounts "pseudo names." When you log into Web Banking, these pseudo names will display rather than your account number - complete security!

To provide even more protection, a PIN (personal identification number) is required for Web access as well as a unique customer identification number that will be issued to you at the time of enrollment. The first time you use Web Banking the system will display step-by-step instructions to change your PIN. You may also choose to change your customer identification number to a "friendly login ID."

Free Funds Transfer

Hop online and transfer funds to/from your linked Checking, Statement Savings, Money Market and Loan accounts anytime of the day or night!Transfers made to/from your deposit accounts may be viewed immediately. Transfers to/from loan accounts will appear online the next business day. Transactions completed after 8 p.m. will be posted to your accounts on the next business day. For your records, the Web Banking system will provide you with a confirmation number.

Please note: the number of monthly transfers from savings and money market accounts is limited by law.

Convenient Bill Payment

Bill Payment is a fantastic product that allows registered Web Banking users to pay bills or send money to anyone (non-government entities only) in the United States through your Web Banking account. Pay anyone -- from your utility company or cable provider, to your pet sitter or even a child in college across the country! Simply log into your Web Banking account, provide information about who you are sending the money to, and that's it! Your payment is on its way to the recipient. For detailed information about Bill Payment, click here to learn more!

We know that once you begin using online bill payment, you'll love it! In fact, we want you to try it for three billing cycles absolutely FREE. After that, the service costs just $5.00 per month, (charged to your Bill Payment Checking account) including up to 15 transactions. Each additional transaction is just $.35.

Enrollment is easy! If you are already a registered user of Web Banking, you can sign up for Bill Payment online while you are logged into Web Banking. If you're not registered for Web Banking, you may enroll in both services by stopping by your local Harleysville National Bank branch, calling 1-888-HNB-2100, or applying online.

To use Web Banking or Bill Payment, you must be using Netscape Navigator 4.75 or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, or a browser that supports 128-bit SSL encryption. All standard overdraft and stop payment fees, procedures and policies are applicable to online bill payments. Three months free offer for a limited time only. Bill payment option available to personal and sole proprietor accounts only.

Web Statement Delivery

Tired of all of the clutter in your mailbox? Simplify your life with Web Statement Delivery! If you are a registered Web Banking user, you qualify for this FREE convenience service!

With Web Statement Delivery, you will be able to view your bank statements online rather than receiving them through postal mail. Many people are discovering that electronic delivery of items such as bank statements reduces clutter in their lives and makes organization a snap. No more papers scattered on your desk - and you won't lose your statements, as they will be stored for you online* where you can access them at any time, from any computer with internet access!

By signing up for Web Statement Delivery, you will no longer receive your Harleysville National Bank and Trust Company banking statements in the mail. Instead, you will receive an e-mail alerting you when your bank statement is available to view online. A link in the e-mail will take you to your login page. You will be able to view any alerts or notices that may have been included in the mailed version of the statement, and you even still will have access to the Account Reconcilement form that is printed on the back side of your printed statement.

Have more questions? Read the Web Statement Delivery FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)!

Get started now! Simply complete and return our Web Services Action Form - it's that easy! If you're not currently a Web Banking user, you may sign up for that from our Application Center right away!