Reduce Risk of Identity Theft with Web Banking!

You've heard it before - use online banking to make your life easier. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can check your account balances and activity, transfer funds, place a stop payment and more--all from the comfort of your home or work. It sounds great, but you've just never tried it.

But did you know that using Web Banking can help reduce your risk of identity theft? Since Web Banking gives you the opportunity to access your accounts 24 hours, 7 days a week, you can monitor your account for any suspicious activity. Customers who are checking balances and account activity online frequently are able to not only identify suspicious activity faster but also take action faster - increasing the chance that fraudulous activity is stopped and the perpetrator caught.

You can further reduce the risk of becoming a victim of fraud by using Web Statement Delivery. Web Statement Delivery stops the delivery of your monthly banking statement through postal mail. Instead, you will receive an email once a month letting you know that your statement is available for viewing online through Web Banking. This helps to protect you by keeping your personal and acccount information out of mailboxes and trash cans where criminals can steal it!

To encourage our customers to try banking online, HNB has recently introduced a wonderful new banking package that combines all of these online banking features. This package, e.Banking, is free and offers a personal checking account with no minimum balance requirements and electronic services that today’s consumer enjoy.

e.banking Features:
Free checking with Bounce Protection
Free Web Banking
Free Online Bill Payment
Free Visa® Check Card
Free Web Statement Delivery
Anyone who likes to bank electronically and recognizes the many benefits of Web Banking should take advantage of this free package! It’s one more way you can conveniently do your banking and also protect yourself from identity theft.