Personal Banking: Convenience Services

Protect Yourself Against Embarrassing Overdrafts

Overdraft Protection
Any of Harleysville National Bank & Trust Company's checking accounts can be linked to an HNB Statement Savings, Money Market, or Line of Credit account (must meet credit criteria) for convenient overdraft protection. Money will be transferred from your linked account to cover any overdrafts. There is a $6/transfer charge for this service from an HNB Statement Savings or Money Market account. Overdraft transfers are FREE from an HNB Line of Credit account. Contact an HNB Customer Service Representative to sign up for this service!
Bounce Protection®
Qualified customers who have not registered for our Overdraft Protection Plan are automatically protected from returned checks through our new Bounce Protection® plan.

You will have peace of mind knowing that, should you become overdrawn, your transactions may be covered up to your assigned limit. If you are currently registered for our Overdraft Protection transfer plan, an overdraft transfer from your linked account will be initiated before your Bounce Protection® limit is accessed. For a more detailed description of how this works, click here.

Visa® Check Card
The Card That Works Like A Check

The Visa® Check Card is not a credit card, it's a check card, because the money comes out of your checking account - just like a check. Use the card to pay for purchases at millions of locations worldwide where Visa® debit cards are accepted, sign the authorization, and the amount will be deducted from your checking account! Each transaction will be detailed on your monthly account statement.

No I.D. to show.
No waiting for check approval.
Your Visa® Check Card is combined with the power of STAR® and provides even more convenience and purchasing power.
All for just $1 per month charged to your checking account.

STAR®: 24-Hour Banking

With a Harleysville National Bank & Trust Company STAR® card, the bank is never closed. As part of the "PLUS" network, you'll have access to your cash around the country and the world.

Unlimited transactions for only $1/month, charged to your primary STAR® account only.
Withdraw, deposit, check your balance, or transfer when you want to.

For added convenience, you can link up to any seven accounts you might have, including three checking accounts, three statement savings account and one revolving line of credit!
Direct Deposit
FREE And Convenient!

Harleysville National Bank & Trust Company participates in the Direct Deposit of Social Security and Federal Recurring Payments Program. Beneficiaries in one or both of these programs are invited to sign up for this convenient service at any of our offices.

The Benefits of Direct Deposit:
Prevents your check from becoming lost or stolen.
No more standing in line to cash your check or worrying about getting to the bank before it closes.
Guaranteed deposit of your check on the designated day of each month.

Automatic Loan Payment
Never Worry About Late Payments Again

We can automatically deduct your Harleysville National Bank & Trust Company loan (installment or commercial) or mortgage payment from your HNB deposit account. You won't have to worry about coupons or due dates, and this service is free. It also can mean a ¼% rate reduction on your installment loan. See us for details.

If you currently have a loan or mortgage with us, stop by any of our offices to sign up for this convenient time-saver!

Get To Know Telephone Banking

Telephone Banking is our convenient, automated bank-by-phone system that gives you access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any touch-tone phone. Telephone Banking is one more way we can better serve our customers.

There is no need to register for this service. Telephone Banking can provide you with a wealth of information about your accounts. Just by calling (800) HAR-9300,
you can:

Access your checking or savings account balances.
Listen to the last 60 transactions posted to your account.
Make loan payments.
Ask about current activity on your ReserveCash or home equity line of credit.
Check our loan and deposit rates.
Transfer funds (accounts must be registered for funds transfer).
All this information is yours simply by picking up the phone! Best of all, this convenient service is free!
Wire Transfers

Harleysville National Bank & Trust Company offers its customers the very best in wire transfers. We can transmit funds to a receiving bank (in the continental USA) within minutes. International wires are also available.

Travel Currency Services with My Travel Wallet

Planning a trip to a foreign country in the near future? Let us take the headache out of your foreign currency and travelers cheques needs. By using My Travel Wallet, an affiliate partnership between HNB and the Travelex Group, you can purchase foreign currency and travelers cheques quickly and easily online, and have your purchase shipped to your door in as little as two days. Click Here for more information about My Travel Wallet.
Web Banking

Sign up for Harleysville National Bank & Trust Company's free Web Banking service. View your checking account balances and activity, print a listing of your current transactions, view images of paid checks, place a stop payment, or transfer funds. A convenient Bill Payment option is also available. For more information about this powerful tool, visit the Web Banking section of this website!
Web Statement Delivery

Tired of all of the clutter in your mailbox? Simplify your life with Web Statement Delivery! If you are a registered Web Banking user, you qualify for this FREE convenience service!

With Web Statement Delivery, you will be able to view your bank statements online rather than receiving them through postal mail. Many people are discovering that electronic delivery of items such as bank statements reduces clutter in their lives and makes organization a snap. No more papers scattered on your desk - and you won't lose your statements, as they will be stored for you online* where you can access them at any time, from any computer with internet access!

By signing up for Web Statement Delivery, you will no longer receive your Harleysville National Bank and Trust Company banking statements in the mail. Instead, you will receive an e-mail alerting you when your bank statement is available to view online. A link in the e-mail will take you to your login page. You will be able to view any alerts or notices that may have been included in the mailed version of the statement, and you even still will have access to the Account Reconcilement form that is printed on the back side of your printed statement.

Have more questions? Read the Web Statement Delivery FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)!

Get started now! Simply complete and return our Web Services Action Form - it's that easy! If you're not currently a Web Banking user, you may sign up for Web Banking from our Application Center right now!